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Eco Friendly Buildings


My name is Beauregard Davis, I'm a recent graduate from Cal Poly Pomona's Urban and Regional Planning program.

Welcome to my portfolio, where my passion for responsible and equitable urban planning comes to life. With a deep-rooted love for urban forestry, I strive to create greener and more sustainable cities. By merging my expertise in urban planning and my commitment to environmental stewardship, my goal is to enhance the urban environment, transforming concrete jungles into vibrant, livable spaces that inspire and uplift communities.

Senior Project Infographic

One of my passions in urban planning is the integration of the natural and built environment. I moved to the Pomona area in 2022, and I was shocked by the disparity in tree cover between two closely neighboring municipalities. I analyzed the relationship between zoning code enforcement and tree count in the cities of Arcadia and San Marino. My infographic presentation was meant to be informative and engaging, and meant to bring the layman into the conversation.

Causes of tree disparity in the San Gabriel Valley (1).jpg

Policy Analysis

In the spring of 2022, I was a part of a fantastic group project for our policy analysis class. The professor gave us free reign on topic choice, and we decided to tackle the issue of parking and commuting at Cal Poly Pomona. Along with research and interviewing key officials, my job was to create a brief and informative presentation on why this issue mattered and warranted the attention of the review board.

The end result of our project was a comprehensive history of the parking issues and solutions at CPP, and a few recommendations like preferential parking for student carpoolers, and on-campus mobility lanes.

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Placemaking Conceptboard

The following summer, I took a course on placemaking and its importance in the local community. I was living in San Francisco at the time and wanted to explore how the park system could better engage its citizens and constituents to bring more users into an underutilized area. This workflow and idea board, created on Conceptboard, highlights one way that I organize my thoughts and could be used in intra-office communication.

Diagram Examples

Finally, here are some diagrams that I've generated over the past few semesters. I have proficiency in SketchUp, GIS, the Adobe suite. I'm looking forward to learning new programs to become more well-rounded.

Color Base Map of Site.jpg
Sierra Madre Walking Isochrone 15min.jpg
Sierra Madre Biking Isochrone 15min.jpg
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